Is it alright to contact an ex after not seeing each other for years?

I ran into the sister of a guy I dated in high school recently, we talked and her brother never dated anyone after me, she said I should contact him. He and I dated for 2 years in high school, he was very nice, but quiet and socially awkward. After graduating, I broke up with him saying that it wasn't really going anywhere, and I had to move on. Later on I found out he didn't tell anyone about the breakup until a month afterwards (his sister found out when calling to check on me, she asked him, and that's when they found out). I realized later I was being selfish, and immature, but we have gone in different directions. The break up was more than 10years ago; although I don't think there was any bad blood, I feel I really hurt him at that time. His sister said he never seemed to get over me, he and I are both single now. Is this worth rekindling? Any advice or input is welcome, especially from the guys.


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  • Call him and see where Ithe goes


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  • ... I broke up with him saying that it wasn't going anywhere, and I move don.
    You said a mouthful here, dear, why drum up old bones? Leave the dogs in the corner to sleep and yourself out of the dog house as well. He may have not changed, for with him still carrying a torch for you, he probably has his old ways that are tied to his neck with a Leash Of... Not having changed his old tricks neither.
    Forgive yourself, forget him. Don't torture his heart that has not fallen apart for you. If you run into his sibling again, tell her that blood is indeed thicker than water and you feel it best to Arrest everything now.
    Good luck. xx


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