If your ex was pregnant?

If you had been in a relationship (living together and engaged) to a girl for 3 years, you had previously gone through a misscarriage a separate time you had broken up (bad timing) and you left her and she was pregnant again would you see proof?
If she did everything she could to contact her to see proof, if you didn't believe her would you see proof or just ignore her?

I am asking as my ex left me and I was pregnant, he didn't believe me but I offered him proof endless times he just ignored me..
What would you do?


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  • Well this is an interesting problem. It could be that he thinks you are lying or trying to get money from him for a "non-existent" child. However, there are ways in which you can get him to support the new child. One of these is litigation or a court order, where you can ask for a DNA test to prove that it is his child, thereafter you can claim maintenance should he not want to be involved.

    • I had a termination in the end, but wanted to know if people thought he believed me

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  • I think he most likely left because this was too much for him, he didn't want to be tied to you forever and ignoring you meant he hoped you would simply go away. Everyone knows this isn;t going to work but sometimes men are just dumb.


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  • great another single mother... just what the world needs.


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