My ex wants me now that I'm trying to move on. What do I do?

So I dated my ex for 3 months when he broke up with me because he said he thought he was doing me a favor. He has anxiety and depression issues, and hasn t exactly figured out what he wants to do with his life career wise. He said he did it because he felt he wasn t good enough for me and that he d rather hurt me 3 months in rather than 2+ years in. This is where my stupidity kicks in. I was lonely and needed someone to fill the hole left in my heart, so I jumped into another relationship. I feel like such an evil person because this guy is great. He is honestly every aspect of a gentleman, treats me amazingly, and is so sweet. Showed me to his whole family, took me to church, everything. We ve been "together" for a month he told me he loved me. The worse part is I said it back. I feel awful, but I don t love him, I just love the way he treats me I thought I could eventually love him. We ve had sex on a few occasions and I know this sounds crazy but he s talking about marriage and careers and children. All the things I want so I play along. But then my ex texts me wanting to reconcbut. I am conflicted, do I try to fix things with my ex whom I love dearly but where there s uncertainity or stay with the guy that treats me perfectly but I only love the way he treats me, not him per say.
  • Stay with one month guy, where its stable
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  • Take back my ex whom I truly love but have insecurities from the previous breakup.
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  • From guys point of view is rather the girl was honest with me as heartbreaking it is and sounds your wasting your time and the guys time if you stay with someone you don't love your living a lie you need make a decision based on yourself how you feel you can't force yourself to love someone and when you have chance to be with person you love you take it in open arms and never let it go as be one biggest regrets you could have... I wish you best in your decision


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  • Voted C
    = neither of these guys are IT
    for you and YOU must open your eyes to the world FULL of other choices
    armed with these experiences that promise these attractive characteristics may be all rolled up into one guy = The One

    Be nice, be friends with what you have to stiff arm loneliness but draw a line for love/sex with these guys that fall short of IT


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  • Hmm you got me thinking. What exactly is this ex of yours offering you that this current guy who you are with isn't giving you? Your current boyfriend (of one month) is giving you all of this treatment (you don't think its going to fast?)


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