I don't know.. but from this text.. it sounds like my ex wants nothing to do with me.. what do you think?

" I have been busy lately but also, I think it's better if we don't talk as much as we would've when we were together. I think the space is nice and that'll establish an even better friendship because we would know what it's like to be actual friends instead of having almost everything we had while we were together. I think talking everyday for hours is too much how it was when we were in a relationship and that it should be an occasional thing. Like I'm not saying I don't value our friendship or that I don't want to talk to you. I'm just saying that us texting and talking occasionally is better, in my opinion. Also, it'll help us stray away from conversations on our relationship bc there will be other things to talk about."

I just don't want to lose her in my life.. but it sounds from this text.. that she wants nothing to do with me.. but maybe if I give her enough space.. she will start to miss talking to me.. I honestly don't know what to think


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  • No maybe not... she wants to keep contact but not as much as you guys did when you were together. And you can't really be friends. Friends after being boyfriends is extremely rare. The only guy I have kept contact with was my first love when I was 19, and today I'm 30, and we send each other a message probably once a year!

    You will be naturally moving on! You will see. Once you meet another girl that is right for you, you will naturally detach yourself from your ex/friend.

    Plus it is more healthy for you AND for the girl you'll meet in the future.
    I advice you never hang on to the past or you'll mess the present AND your future.

    At least that is my advice :)

    • That's true... I think friendships with ex's are possible... it's hard but it's possible and takes A LOT of time... I know so many people who have became very close with an ex... I'm not saying that's what will happen with my ex and I... but everyone says.. no matter if you get back together with an ex or become friends with an ex.. the first thing you have to do.. is let them go

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    • all the good relationship coaches say "let them go" they'll MOST LIKELY come back

    • Yes but it is not a certainty, it depends on her feelings. So focus on yourself first ok? or you're brain and heart are gonna blow up! you got to think of other things! Put some perfum, look good.

      Im sure you're a nice guy.

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  • I think she doesn't want to "talk" about the relationship anymore. I think the hours you guys spent talking to each other, probably really remind her of what it was like when you guys were in a relationship. I think she is just trying to fight her feelings. Trying to distant herself from you because she doesn't want anything to do with you. So yes in a way.

    • I'm so confused though.. why do you think she doesn't want anything to do with me? we have a GREAT connection... like even since the breakup when we do talk.. the connection is still there.. like do you think she secretly still has feelings.. like when we talk.. and wants to try and distance them?

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    • It's ok :) no problems at all.

    • This is just really stressful.. because a month ago.. I would have never figured we'd breakup... in my brain and my heart.. I feel like this is just a break... like we will end up at the very least being friends again.. cause i honestly feel our connection is so strong that it would suck to waste it in never talking again

  • Try giving her space for a while and maybe she just doesn't want to ruin the friendship you have and wants to talk more face to face rather than texting.

  • You need to adhere to her request. She is attempting to move on in the nicest possible way you should too.

    • Do you think this means.. that she doesn't want a friendship at all either? or do you think it means.. she wants space for awhile.. and then talk again (as friends) to see how things are

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    • Your neediness has killed this rekationship. Get help to reduce/eliminate that issue tome you will be doomed with any future relationships you hope to have with anyone. But again, time to cut the ties with this one. She's done. Respect that.

    • Well, of course.. I have to cut ties now... I don't think a friendship is completely out of the question (it is for the time being) but as a whole, I don't think it is.. I know everyone is different.. but I know situations WAY worse than this... and they ended up being friends again.. but I think one of the reasons you're saying this, is because you probably know that I'll eventually mess up.. and text her again

  • The space is intended for her growth as a person.
    It isn't intended for her to realize what she lost, and try to get you back.
    So, although that seems like a nice thought understand that may not happen.
    She wants you in her life... but at the same time she wants distance.
    She doesn't want to continue acting like a couple when you both aren't.

    You have no choice at this point but to give her space.
    If you do anything else you will come across as needy or desperate which is a major turn off. Those traits further tend to push a person away.

    Respect that she wants space and move on with your life.
    Yes, it will be hard.
    But you cannot wait around in hopes that she will eventually want you back.
    That may or may not be a possibility.

    • That is true.. and I don't mean want me back as a boyfriend.. but I mean want to talk to me as friends.. but from what she said.. do you think she wants me in her life at all? or do you think now it's that she wants space.. and to see how our friendship is after.

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    • It may or may not. There's a 50 percent chance at this point.

    • That's true.. I won't know what way the 50/50 will go.. until I actually give her space... if I mess up and end up texting her again... then I won't have her as a friend EVER... but if I show her I don't need her... then... there's a good chance of a friendship working

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