Should I Get Ready for War?

We started dating in high school. We had our problems but were still crazy about each other after we graduated. Things starting getting harder going into college. He is a real social person and always has a female best friend. and would upset me that he would not see how some of his actions were upsetting. So Junior yr of college, things got so hard, and he called a break, because we needed to work on ourselves, and some internal issues that he thought I needed to seek help with. it was hard and desvastating but I had no choice to agree to it, but he still wanted to talk to me and act like we were together it was so hard and confusing. After a semester of that we broke up for real, but still loved each other, it was just getting to hard and he later said he did it for us. So 6 months later he contacts me wanting to how I am doing. We Started talking again and were back to being happy again. It was amazing and perfect all over again, he even waited for me to be ready actually start things up again and waited for sex again for a good 4/5 months. I Thought we were ready. But another 5 months later, more problems started to appear jealously, time, and some other old problems. For example, me wanting alone time, and not always wanted to hang with his friends was always a problem. it wasn't like that at first, but he got a job where he time was very limited, I tried to be as understanding as I could, but it was hard and painful. Ok so here I am almost a year after the second time around and he wants to break it off again saying that he doesn't have the time with his new job, the old problems are coming back, and he's not happy right now. I told him I will do anything, I dont want to lose him, but his mind is made up saying its just not a good time right now, however also saying that I would know when the right time to fight again would be. he's not talking to me like before, but is not ignoring me and cutting me off completely. Is the fight worth it?
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What Guys Said 1

  • You gave the wrong impression by using the word "war" in your question.
    A war is an armed conflict between 2 or more groups of people. This is not a war.
    Let him go too much drama. Find someone that doesn't mess with your head.


What Girls Said 1

  • It seems like he's come back because he does care but has needed to see personal growth from you. Unfortunately that hasn't happened. You need to let go and continue to work on your own personal growth. I'm sensing a degree of neediness that will drive most men away.


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