How do I ask what he's feeling?

So I told my best friend I liked him and he told me he wasn't in a place for a relationship right now becuase he's trying to get his life on track and be in a good place. While I understand that, I feel like its a vague answer that inadvertently keeps me "on the hook". I want to move on but I'm having a hard time because he continues to send me mixed signals
I want to ask him to be honest with me and tell me if he even likes me as more than a friend or if he was just saying that because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. Is that ok? Should I even ask? Is that something I don't have a right to push for an answer on?
I feel like if I had a straight forward "no, I'm not interested in you" I could move on a little easier. It would still suck but I think I would stop overanalyzing things as mixed signals...


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  • Yes that is completely okay to ask him that, please do. No one likes being on someone else's hook.


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