Has there ever been a time you felt like you lost someone you could see yourself being with for awhile/marrying?

I think we've all been there.. especially if you're over the age of like 17... Having the feeling of losing someone you could see yourself with for awhile, People will say "an ex is an ex for a reason" Sometimes that's true, but other times.. a lot of people breakup for petty/small reasons... ESPECIALLY if you feel like you could have changed a behavior that lead to the breakup.. like being too clingy or needy or dependent.. Things like that... I think a lot of people have at one time or another.. felt like they let the one get by... IT SUCKS not being 100 percent guranteed another chance to see how things can be... it's almost like a show that says "to be continued" but with these kind of relationships.. it's not like that.. and if you guys get back together.. it's usually random... It's honestly so frustrating.. I'm dealing with this right now.. I feel like we are so right for each other.. but a lot of foolish things led to our breakup... it sucks not knowing if we'll ever talk again let alone ever date again.. ucertainity sucks


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  • I am 100% with you. Recently I've been making small steps towards reconciliation. It's important to take it slow and allow enough time for a sufficient break - meaning a couple months.
    And keep in mind that you should live with intent, don't base your actions off of fear. Like don't text her out of panic that she will forget about you if you don't.


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  • I had my first serious relationship from 19 to 21.
    I had my second serious relationship from 24-26.
    The girls I feel the way you mention, I had at least some sort of relationship with at ages 15 and 28. But we never dated, or slept in the same bed every night, or had to share meals together many times a week. So who knows how I would feel if I had, I don't feel that way about the long term girlfriends.
    Maybe they were different, like I think, but maybe it never would have worked out with them either.

    No sense in lingering, do something about it or move on.


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  • Yes, it's very frustrating, breaks my heart

    • Agree, happens to us all

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    • Damn, so sometimes it's better to accept the friendship.. even if you want to be "more than friends"?

    • I don't know, truth is i didn't because I wanted more of him, I couldn't accept the just friends thing. I know I might seem childish, but I just knew it was more between us

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