Should I invite my ex boyfriend for coffee?

My ex broke up with me a little over a week ago.. Before doing so, he asked me twice if we could go out to talk, eventually he decided to just do it by text. Don't really know why he changed his mind about meeting with me. I was reeeeally sad (couldn't stop tearing up at the mear thought of him). He immediately said that he wants to stay friends if i'd let him, and that we should still meet to talk. I was too mad/sad to accept the offer and just ignored him. We really haven't been talking since, but i'm ready to talk with him at least one last time (or to initiaite the friendship). Is it a good idea to ask him out for coffee? I'm afraid that he doesn't want to or care to see me again... Thoughts?
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The breakup was "mutual" and for reasons that we both understand. Technically, neither of us should have any hard feelings towards the other, we just weren't going to work out (great relationship but he's older and we're both fundamentally different)


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  • Get some proper closure but not friend please. Make it a proper goodbye.

    Also... for the love of god... not "coffee". Don't go for "coffee" . That means something else. That's like before netflix and chill before netflix and chill.

    • Well.. What else? This is my first experience. You're gonna have to break it down a little bit please :(. And I know, I didn't want to stay friends at first and I told him that. But I couldn't stop thinking about him and I started thinking about the far future, just a mess. What's wrong with being friends?

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  • Just because two people breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup, @GirlAsksBoy and tha tit's Goodbye, my love forever. And with an 'EX' who still marks an X in your own softie spot, there now has come the time down the love line when You... Want to ask him out for coffee.
    Her was an Honest John in saying that he wants you both as 'Friends' because he doesn't want you totally out of his life. And even though you think it might be over or there was this "Mutual" anything, contact him for Joe, see where you stand as of now, and if 'Anything'... Go slow with the flow.
    Good luck. xx


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  • People generally don't hang out with ex's


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  • Leave it alone.

    It's been a weak, nothing has changed, and you're an emotional wreck.

    Leave it alone until you're basically over him, then maybe you two should consider being friends.

    At this point he just wants to keep tabs on you to see if he made the right choice and possibly get free booty.

    Stay far far away from him.

    • I kind of want "free booty" too though D:

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    • Honestly.. Thank you for understanding. This was my first relationship ever and when he broke up with me, I was just begining to let my guard down and really really like him. I felt betrayed and also I couldn't figure out why he didn't want to be with me anymore, and what caused it. Why he didn't miss me or want to spend time with me the week prior, unlike before. So I cried for all of that, and for the guy who I wanted so much to be with after our first, second, third date.. I'm not going to cry for ever. I stopped. I'm done and I've been but smiling these past few days, but I still miss his presence in my life. And i hate that we're supposed to let eachother go after a few stupid texts. I reeeally want to see him one last time, but i'm scared to ask? I probably came here for validation.. But that's not what i'm getting:(

    • I've done the whole validation of the end thing though. It doesn't work unless you are over the person. Honestly, it doesn't. I did nothing but screw up my heart when I went back for a 'last' taste. It just complicated everything.
      It's better to just drop all communication, completely, focus on you, and get back to your old self.
      You already said it won't work, so why prolong finding the right one? :)

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