What should I do?

my crush and i have feelings for each other, but recently his ex told him she wanted to patch up with him again, and he is stress. what should i do? let him go or?


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  • Tell him about your true feelings. Let him decide. It's you or his ex.

    • did tell him about it, we both know that we like each other. I don't think he's still up to a decision. plus I don't know how to start a convo regarding about this. things may go awkward

    • Say something along the lines of "I've been thinking about you... are you okay?". It's will get the conversation going and it's up to you from there.

    • ok thanks a lot!!

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  • I read your responses below.
    "I don't know" I fail to believe that.
    He does know , how he feels he just doesn't want to hurt you.
    He's open to working things out but seems as if he still wants to keep that door open for you in case it doesn't.
    Never allow yourself to be someones second choice.
    I think you should move on.
    I'm not saying don't speak with him anymore , but pursue your dating life and don't wait around to for his relationship to fail.
    They may or may not be a possibility.
    Even if it does fail... who knows when that will be?
    Don't put your life on hold or be the rebound girl.

    You are deserving of so much more.
    Good luck.


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  • ask him if he would date you over her. usually if a relationship doesn't work the first time, it will never work. maybe even ask him out before her

    • if ii did remember correctly, he said he dont know. :/

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    • hmmmm ok! great opinion u have! thx!

    • no problem. i've had a similar scenario so i understand your problem

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