Should I try to get her back?

A girl I liked, but never actually dated (long story) and I, have not talked since the beginning of the year-ish. I no longer have her number, for a couple of reasons and I have reason to believe she doesn't work where I met her, anymore. I dk where she works now and she lives far away (never went to her house) just know that she lives about a half hour away so it'd be tough to go find her that way anyway. The only shot I have actually is to go talk to another girl "friend" of mine at HER job (a bar). But even her and I don't talk anymore since she's married. I could ask her if she happens to have the girls number explaining why I don't have it anymore, but the odds of that happening is very unlikely. I really miss this girl, I feel lost without her


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  • Hop on down to the Bar where your friend works, ask her for the girl's number and explain to her that you would like to just text her a "Hi." Give it a shot.
    She may or may not have it, and if she does, ask her to please text her to find out if it might be okay for her to give your friend the number so you can give her a shout?
    If she tells you she doesn't have it, she may or may not know someone who Does.
    at least you gave it your best shot.
    However, it still wouldn't hurt for you to tell your friend here, dear, who does work in the Bar, to keep her eyes and ears open like a fly on the wall, should she see or know anything.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Instead asking for her number ask her friend if she still has contact with that girl. If she says she does tell her if she could give you that girls number or give your number to that friend and ask her if she could give it to that girl. Tell her that you lost her number and haven't talked in ages and wanted to catch up etc. Should be all good?


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  • If you continue assuming stuff and thinking about the odds you won't go anywhere.

    I suggest you go to her friend and ask her if she is still in contact with the girl and whether she can give you her number.

    Plus I don't think a half an hour away is too much unless you don't know her house's exact location. Still, it is more appropriate to call first before you go.


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