Why is it so tough waiting?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me on Sunday afternoon. I asked her to call me later that evening and I told her that I was not ready to give up on her that easy. I told her how I felt and spilled my heart to her and we talked about what scared her and how we could fix the problems that she felt the reasons why we were breaking up. We are long distance by three hours. She left it off as she had some thinking to do and would talk to me in a few days. The waiting is the hardest part, not having a good mornig text or a good night text from her either. I told her she is worth fighting for and if she thought I was worth fighting for also she said yes. I think that is good, right? I wonder if she is having these same feelings that im having. I kinda want to text her tomorrow and she where she is at about everything we talked about the other night. What are your thoughts?


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  • He seems to need space and time to gather her thoughts and think over her emotions. Maybe she is not that into mcuh into you as you are into her.
    It just happened to me: I was put aside AND was a rebound after being together for a year!!

    It is tough but you MUST stop fighting for her! You already said what you had to and once is enough. Now you cannot make someone fall in love with you. THEY must feel it.

    Go watch coach corey wayne's videos on YOUTUBE. they'll help you a lot

    My fb came back to me after 2 weeks. I had applied the no contact rule, no initiate contact AND minimum replies.

    We just saw each other again, but it's clear in my head that we are starting anew. After a break up you can't expect thing to be as they use to be. You need to get that person to love you.

    So we'll be seing each other once in a while but on my terms when I'm available as I have my own life.

    Also if you rush back to the person as soon as they call you, you're not showing strengh but neediness and nobody wants someone like that. It's totally unattractive.

    Go see coach corey!

    • She still loves me its was that she was scared of the future that we could have had and also her future. She also wanted me to share my feelings more with her and not be as closed as I normally am. We never talked about these things before and when I tried talking about them she said everything was okay, in person and over text. But I just texted her and asked what her thoughts were about what we talked about the other night.

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    • Now that you said that you need to be the other persons mirror that makes sense to me because she brought up that I don't comment her that much about if she looks cute and stuff. That makes sense and I see what she meant by that now.

    • And also being the others mirror means agree to what she says. If she ends up saying lets be friends, just say ok. It be childish and lame to say no.
      Just agree to it and, whatevere, move on and don't contact at all ! When your are dumped, you must do 0% persuing it must be 100% from her.

      In any case never initiate anything. But if she does call to talk are to say she misses you just say hey! I miss you too, come over at my place, I'd love to see you! Are you free at DATE?

      keep lucking at the coach's videos to act properly depending on where you are at in your situation :)

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  • I just got broken up with 3 weeks ago... The girl was amazing... but I think I tried to convince her too much, talk to her too much, etc... honestly.. the best thing to do is go no contact.


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