I made a donation to both my ex and her son for a charity event they are participating in anonymously. was this good or bad?

My ex and I dated for roughly three years. The relationship ended (she ended it via phone and email) about five months ago. We've had limited email exchanges over several however there has been nothing over the past two months.

Her and her son are participating in a charity event and were tasked to raise a certain amount (goal) and have not raised anything according to the web site. Apparently no friends or family members have contributed (I could be wrong) but as of last week they had nothing.

Anyways, I couldn't stand the thought of them having having nothing to show for months worth of effort. I donated their full goal amounts annonymously for fear that she would feel weird about. She may or may not figure it out but that's not the point.

I don't feel bad about doing it but I wanted a woman's take. I know for me that it's been hard to let go.

Thank you


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  • I think thats really sweet... If she figures it out and contacts you just explain you know how much effort they went to and the donation means nothing more than a reward for hard work. I am sure she will take it with the generous spirit it is intended. :)

    • Thank you! I figured if I put my name she would think I was trying to get her back.

    • well if she asks tell her honestly

  • You still love her eh?
    I think it s absolutely lovely, modeste and considerate of you.
    That s how breakups should be, even if you re not a couple anymore you always keep caring fo each other :)

    • Thank you! I'm pretty sure the feelings only go one way but that is fine

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