Very recent breakup advice maybe? What to do on Monday?

So I'm going to try give as good of a background to this as I can, first of all, as of this time, it has been a week since the (scary music cue to play) "event".
Now okay, so one weekend, on a birthday, we have this night out to celebrate her birthday, during it I overhear her friends discussing me and take it the worse way possible, plus being under influence at the time meant I overreacted just a little (not sarcasm, actually just a little). But anyway that's not major, the next day we wake up at Herz everything is super cutesy and lovely and some people are still around from the night before, when they have left we are still happy, kissing etc. Then we talk about the night before and everything gets stress, we decide to distract ourselves and get out for some air, go and have a yummy lunch together actually, she says that she wants a little time to herself after what happened last night and we part earlyish, then we chat lightly and funly into the night about numerous things, wish each other goodnight etc. The next morning I get a message saying we need to talk, her mum brings her over, she drops my things from hers off at my place and tells me we need to break up, that it was getting too intense, we are 19 and have been dating coming upon 2 years. She's clearly upset during this as am I, though not showing it as much.

When she leaves crying I order flowers to hers for the next day, then follow to make every mistake in the book, messaging too much, asking everything to no response, I even tried calling twice, you get the idea, two mornings later we meet up to talk in person, I'm confident about everything and have already started working on me, she says she still loves me, find me attractive etc. But won't give it another shot because... she doesn't want to, she says she still has feeling and wants to keep in contact, we casual message the rest of that week slightly untili tell her i miss seeing her and we arrange to meet a week on Sunday for lunch cont.
That night I ask her about something I was clinging to from the phone call and it went southwards, we stayed up too late chatting and she got pissed off, tried being courteous and when I ignored it and continued she went to bed (at midnight to be fair) the next morning I felt horrid, what had I done, I left it a day then messaged to apologise this Monday about my rude behaviour and that I shouldn't have continued especially not at that time of night, she understood and asked for a week of...
No contact, which I though was a good idea and said I needed it too and she said she would message on Monday (the upcoming one) now I said not to worry about putting a date on it and take as long as needed.
Ended up going on a lot of dates getting perspective and then when she came back into contact we began reconciling everything, now we are going day by day, not thinking about crazy futures... and its a good thing we've got going, makes us both very happy, just updating as a testimony to not closing off options as was suggested to me, simply getting on with productivity and staying open minded was the best thing imaginable :)


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  • Break your phone and cut the power to your computer. You've pushed way too hard to get her back at this point. It's rough I know but it's just better to walk away at this point. Plus you really don't want to be with a girl who doesn't want to work things out.

    • And when she inevitably messages on Monday, naive as that sounds, even though I said to take extra time, she most likely shall, should I ignore it? Read it and not reply? Read and reply? Bearing in mind she will know as soon as I have read it due to facebook

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    • I do like this outlook that if she really wanted to fix something she would go that far, that is a good way to look at it, thank.

    • I would go to that. Some place public where neither of you can can cause a scene. Closure one way or another.

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  • Leave her alone and respect her when she says she doesn't want you.

    • She has never said she doesn't want me, she's avoided anything of the sort, only ever that she regrets not communicating the way she should of the past 6 months, even though she was ecstatic 90% of that time, she is a deep person and we are both rather intellectually sophisticated, her mind seemed in turmoil, I was mainly asking about the Monday, if you see my other reply :)

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