Yeah, break-ups suck.

how do you cope after a break up? do you just move on with your life? do you still care? do you not care? do you hate them? are you happy to be over with it? how long does it take before you move on? do you still think about them? and finally what do you do to get over an ex?

its a lot but you really only have to answer one.


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  • Not long ago I went thru Something like a breakup. I don't know if you can relate to what it's like for me but here's an example. If all my emotions were written seperate on each card in a deck. One card says "why didn't I see it coming" another may say "where do I go from here" there was one card that popped in mind, but I quickly put it back. Later it came up again, still not ready to take it, but something in the back of mind told me when all was over this was the only one that I could keep. But not now. It's been 2 months since I've heard from her, and probably never will again.

    That one card is all I'm carring in my hand today, not ready quite yet to hold on it for good, there are days I still want to throw it back in the deck sometimes. The card says it's "ok to let go" she has. Life somehow keeps going. We do find our way out of the darkness. I do know that all the good things that were there will still be there even if I let go. Hopefully it won't take you as long as me. Good luck

    • Oh trust me I know how you feel its been 3 months since I have heard from him and I still can't stop thinking about what I could have done better plus I kind of lost all of my friends from being with him so now I'm sort of alone which sucks but I'm trying to stay hopeful :\

    • A really good person, answered my question last week. She referred me to emotional attraction on the interenet. Mine is not what you're situation is exactly. Maybe you can use a little something from a (ea) website. You only feel like your alone but your not. In my situation there was not even a kiss much less sex. There was it was very intimate. Which I found for the 1st time is just as dramatic. At least it was for me. Pros and cons to make it work. All cons! Still I miss her.

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  • You cope by meeting new people and moving on with what's best for you.

    Of course I still care, for a bit after, but not forever.

    Yes I hate them.

    I am happy it's over because it's only after the break ups that I finally take the blind folds off and realize that they were damaging to my life and contributed nothing.

    Usually about two weeks.

    Yes, all the time. It doesn't mean that I would want them back in my life though.

    You finally get over your ex when you:

    No longer stay up at night blaming yourself what went wrong

    No longer justify the actions your ex did that you tolerated in the name of love

    No longer believe in the lies that your ex fed you

    Some will,

    Some won't.

    So what?

    Someone's waiting...


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  • Cry, b*tch, yell, scream, beat something up, drive really fast, go to the gym, listen to a playlist specially made for these rotten occaisions. Basicly, do anything to work the pain and frustration out your system. Some break ups are quick and clean. Both people know why and aren't hurt by it. Others come as a shock, and makes us question everything around us, because the relationship seemed so perfect. Those kinds of breakups are the hardest, because our minds struggle to find a logical reason for it, but often there isn't a logical or clear reason, just a jumbled mess of emotions.


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