What to do if an ex contacts you first?

If an ex breaks up with you... and there's a time you give them space... What should you do if your ex contacts you? I have heard mixed things.. some people say.. you should continue no contact.. other people say.. if the ex contacts you first. you should talk to them.. but then end the convo


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  • I would laugh and wonder why my ex contacted me because I definitely don't love my ex. Why would I want to work on a failed relationship? The relationship is dead if my ex wanted it to work then they would not be an ex in the first place. Block and delete

    • True... but relationships can reconcile and get better

    • Why would I waste my time hoping a relationship that failed the first time would work out, when I could be spending time improving my life and meeting men that actually want it to work the first time?

    • I mean.. there's things like distance, being busy, life circumstances, etc.. that can break people up.. it could have NOTHING to do with the relationship... Do I think it's always a good idea? no.. but sometimes it can work

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  • I honestly think when a relationship it's over it was for a reason I wouldn't go back to have contact. But that's just me

    • I agree and disagree... I think sometimes when a relationship is over, it's over.. especially if it's cheating or something.. but sometimes people breakup for other reasons.. I know plenty of people who have gotten back together, and their relationship is stronger than it was before.. Especially if they are in the 18-26 age range.

    • Well I'm almost 30 and I have never go back to any of my exes just because I believe there Is someone better ahead but you're right break ups and make ups works for some people but is not what I would do. But like I said that's just me. 😃😃😃

    • Even when you were younger, you never really went back with an ex? Did you ever keep any around as friends?

  • I'd just be civil and make polite conversation but wouldn't contact them first after that... Not making enemies but not exacting making a relationship either

  • Depends. I'd probably talk to him, but nothing would come of it.

  • In the end it is your opinion that counts


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