Should I go for broke and tell her how I feel?

Me and My Ex have been together for 4 years. We had rough spots in the beginning. Before we actually started dating she broke up with me. We got back together after a couple months and everything was great. Then after awhile we had a problem over Skype where she basically cheated on me. Basically I hard a hard time trusting her at times because I was self conscious. After that time we fell in love and everything was great. We were high school sweet hearts. She went to France for a year while I worked and it was very difficult. I tried to break it off but she didn't want me too. She kept telling me she needs me and wants me to stay. After so much pressure I caved and slept with a friend of ours. I never told her... When she got back everything was great I couldn't be happier. We got our own place and everything for a year or so. Then life set in. We worked and spent as much time together establishing everything. Iv had some moments of doubt due to my own insecurities and snooped on her Facebook and such cuz I didn't feel like she was honest. I told how I felt and what I did. And we talked about it and I still had trouble with it. But I got over it. Towards the end of our relationship I had a very explosive out burst and accused her of cheating. After I did this she did end up cheating. She didn't tell me till later and I told her. Now we both talk every now and then and I want to move past all of this and get back with her a better man. We spent too much time together and I realized that my attitude was shifty. Should I just let it be or should I let go?


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  • It is your choice.

    • My choice is to go for it.

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  • People break up for a reason. If you got back together with her, do you think all that mistrust would go away? I took a girl back 6 times in 4 years who cheated on me for a total of 7 times. In the end I knew I couldn't take her back. I never cheated on her not even once and the last time she told me I could sleep with someone to "make it even." After she said that to me I lost the last bit of respect I had for her as a human. I'm not a really great guy but even I didn't deserve what she was putting me through. Neither do you.


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