Should I be jealous of his ex?

Recently my boyfriend of 8 months opened up to me. Told me some things about his exes that he wouldn't have told me before. Specifically the one he would probably still date if she wasn't living in China. He told me that while they were going out she cheated on him. The only way he found out was because she started acting strange towards him. He confronted her and she told him finally.

Well it's been over a year since their break up and he still texts her. Not sure if she looks at him as a boy toy, but I'm pretty sure she just used him. He's 22 while she's 28, wealthy, and has her own business in Hong Kong. While he is enlisted in the Air Force.

My question is, is it wrong to be jealous when he talks to her? Sometimes he talks to her online in front of me, so I don't think he has anything to hide but I could be wrong.


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  • Well on one hand, he's being upfront with you and not hiding it from you. He's being absolutely honest with what's going between him and his ex and told you about the history between the two of them. You should give him credit for that.

    However, being jealous is natural and okay. He's your boyfriend and you want him to be yours, so his conversations with his ex-girlfriend may be a little offensive. If you really want to, then talk about this with him and tell him how you feel.

    Just remember, he's with you right now and there is nothing stopping him from running back to his ex. That means he must love you more than he loves her and I'm sure that he won't leave you for someone who was unfair to him.

    Have faith in him, I'm sure he loves you.


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