Can you move too fast?

The new guy at work. We both thought each other were cute. Everyone at work could see the chemistry. he's the new guy I would catch him looking at me then after a week he gave me his number we texted here and there then he invited me over.

2 weeks in were already having sex. Spending everyday together and texting each other everyday.

Everyone at work is like "Damn that was fast" "Yall move quick" "You barely know him" They dont know were having sex but they think were together because we always hang around each other at work. Its only been 4 weeks but it feels longer. I dont know how it happened he was the new guy and we just clicked.

I never thought about how fast we were moving until now.


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  • Don't fix what isn't broken. Nothing wrong with moving too quickly if that's how the relationship naturally evolved. Don't create problems.


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  • No such thing as moving too fast, the only thing I would caution is what if it doesn't work out and you have to see this person everyday at work? If feeling get hurt it might be hard.


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  • If it works it works, Fast or slow. But be careful of mixing work with play.


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