My ex doesn't even look at me and we have a class together?

For the past couple of months me and my ex have probably talked once.He ignores me and avoids me at school.Lately he has been talking crap about me and saying all this stuff that we did when we didn't even do them.I've never done anything to why would he act this way towards me? Help!


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  • The same thing happend to me in high school, he acts like a jerk and gives you crap for no reason. I'm not sure why they do that but from what I've learned is I think the break up was hard on him too and its hard to look at the girl that he used to be with. He's trying to brush it off as nothing happen and he doesn't like having to see you everyday while he's trying to get over you guys. That's just me I'm not sure tho, hope that helped..


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