Convincing myself he was never worth my attention or tears?

I was devastated to break up w the what I thought would be the "one" and now I feel jealous he is out there banging someone at the moment (I thought he would all be mine, ridiculous I know, but I cannot help it). On the surface he looked like a committed guy I could one day marry. As I got to know him I started to see an immature child. He never had any interests in anything, never wanted to go anywhere on days off. He would pay for my meals, I paid for them too and I would always invite him over for dinner. For our 6 months I spent time getting his gift prepped, he gave me candy come to find out those candies were something my mom gave him earlier this year (that bag is only available at a certain store and only sold during the holidays. He wanted to marry me right? He told me he had no $ for the ring, which I never insisted on he always brought it up. He never saved $ for it he was willing to go out to the bar once a week (w/out me) and spend ridiculous amts of money on game cards (something similar to Pokemon) hoping to win at tournaments. This is a grown @ss man who doesn't have a disposable income and had wants to make a big step such as marriage. For valentines he bought me gorgeous roses, the other 2 times he brought me dead flowers, I would have taken a hand made card or candy. The main reason for the split was him reacting badly to me asking what he was planning for the future. He told he was going to wait for it to come and he was living day by day. That freaked me out as it shows he never even wanted to marry me. Did I dodge a bullet?


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  • Yes you did and just keep remembering the bad


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  • Girl if you focus on marriage, you will scare a man. You should have let things come and be patient. And if they didn't, then you can always date other people and not be clingy with a guy who is pulling back.

    What do you want to do now: get back together or move on?

    • He actually started the marriage talk, we were on the same page. There is no way I will ever go back!

    • Yes but he pulled back because he probably felt you were panicking.
      If you do want to get back together, look up coach corey wayne on youtube. He has great advice. But one thing I would advice as his tips are oriented for men.

      Is hang out, have fun DONT hook up - meaning no sex girl. VERY important

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  • The real question is how did you fall for him. If you fell for an immature man like this, then you are just as immature.

  • There are many bullets out there...
    You missed one of them


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