How do I get my boyfriend back? I understand that it probably won't happen right now but how do I get him back?

My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday. It first happened last week after a big fight. We got back together that night and then it officially ended last night. We are both extremely emotional individuals. When he broke up with me last week, he was a mess. So I let him cry and was there for him. I didn't leave. Because honestly, he looked bad. I didn't feel good leaving him like that. Yesterday, during a fight, we broke up while I was in class (so via a text. My reasoning is that he wouldn't have been able to follow through if it were in person). We're in college. I'm 19 and he's 20. A message that I got from him yesterday was "I can't read and or see through the amount of tears coming though my eyes. My shirt is more wet with tears than any workout sweat. I can't talk without crying. My stomach hurts too much, even with pain killers. I wish I didn't have to make this decision. The part of me that is trying to keep me focused had to make the call on this relationship. You've been the best girlfriend I've ever had and will have. I can't believe this is happening. Just know that I love you *MY name*. More than you will ever know. You've been my best friend, and indescribable girlfriend. I'm sorry this had to happen. I would like to leave you with this message I sent your mom because I meant every word of it." Followed by the message he sent my mom. "Hello, Hopefully this won't be the last time we talk. *MY name* and I broke up today. I just want to make sure she has support. She is the nicest, most supportive, sweet, beautiful, thoughtful, smart, awesome and amazing girl I have ever met. She truly comes from great people and strong women. Tragically, things couldn't work out as I have to focus on school and can't give the amount support she needs. Any guy would be indescribably blessed to be with her.
Hopefully, until next time
- *HIS name*". I feel like I pushed him too hard or asked for too much at times when he couldn't
(just finishing up what wasn't in the question). I feel like I might have asked for too much at times that he couldn't give it me. Somebody please help me fix this.
Also, when we broke up last week, he pushed me away but I didn't leave because of the state he was in. When we discussed it, he told me how happy he ended up being that I stayed there for him.


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  • Be there for him and try being his best friend again.


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  • He will be back, just give him his space and when he comes back, I suggest you work out a timetable to see each other, even if it means you sit and do studying together... You both need to concentrate on School and he seems to know this so I recommend sorting out a way you guys can date and still study. He will hopefully come around to that idea. You must be strict on yourselves though because if it doesn't work you will be back to square one.

    • How do you know that he'll be back?

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    • just make sure you are both calm

    • Thank you very very much.

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  • Hehe... If you want him back, go to his home, use chloroform sedate him and kidnap him and bring him in your bed. Maybe take a little help from one of your mutual friends..

  • Sex... Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.

    That's all you need to give him, pussy will change a mans mind in a heart beat


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