My station with my ex?

So she broke up with me on suvday afternoon, I taxted her later that night if we would talk. After I thought about everthing she said to me. She said I'll call you in 10 mins, okay. We talk and I told her im not ready to give up on her and how im ready to fight for her. So she left it as let me think about everthing and get back to you. I caved yesturday afternoon I texted her asking what her thoughts were on what we talked about the other night. She responed with she doesn't think its a good time for us to betogether right now with where we are. We are long disance and have been from the 3rd month dating we both went away to school and she is done and i have just this year left. I responed with I feel like you are giving up too easy and something else is going on and I dont have clousure. And Ill maybe see you not time i drive threw town. she never responed to the last text i sent. But what I was planing on doing is not talk to her untill she reaches out or intill I head back home and then say hey hows it going? what to catch up over some coffee? What are your thoughts?
Should I send her a text saying that I'm not interested in anything platonic, and to please not contact me unless they are interested in something romantic ever again?


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  • I think you need to sort yourself out 1st. Get your thoughts together as the pain is still raw and you're an emotional mess. Its not a good idea to put pressure on her especially that she's already left the relationship in her head.

    It what she wants right now. Doesn't mean you don't have a chance in the future.

    Best thing you can do is back off completely for at least 30 days. Sort yourself out. Go out. Meet with friends. Show that you're enjoying life without her. Google Brad Browning. He has some good insightful tips on how to get your ex back.

  • Seems legit. Work on your grammar too please.


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