My ex text but was it just an excuse to contact me?

So I broke up with my ex 3 weeks ago after about a year and I’m in the process of planning texts etc but I am freaking out as he’s signed up for a dating site.
We broke up as I just didn't feel things were progressing with him in the way I would like (ie him making more effort and a long term relationship) and then he made a comment about how sometimes I can be moody and how he thinks sometimes I can be mildly manipulative. There was a short heated argument where he backtracked and said he was sorry and didn't mean it. I told him if he thought I was manipulating him then he shouldn’t bother contacting me again. I went straight into No Contact.
On day 13 really late at night he text me to say “just to let you know your whatsapp account is active again, no need to reply. I’m just letting you know”. This is because I had my phone stolen a few weeks ago and suspended my account. I did text a reply just saying “Thanks but it’s me. Been very busy. Hope you are ok”.
To which he immediately replied to say “Thats ok. I am really sorry, I never meant to hurt or upset you. That was the last thing I wanted. I hope you are ok too x”
I didn't replay after that.
So as he contacted me first does this give me power, does he miss me?
Did he contact me because he genuinely felt it was important I should know about my phone or was that just an excuse to speak to me?
Is he really sorry or is that just a line?

What do you think?


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  • Don't freak out at him signing up to a date site. If he truly values the relationship with you and yourself him.

    You need to be absolutely straight with him. Men are logical and problem solvers in their mindset. Women are driven by emotions and connections. Tell him outright what the problem (s) are within the relationship using logical points. Example: You say 'You don't listen to me'. EMOTIONAL. Try saying. 'We don't sit down and just talk to each other.' LOGICAL AND PROBLEM SOLVING. See my point?

    He probably is sorry for the way it's ended. His emotions are clouding his judgement and his thoughts are all over the place causing anger and frustration in his part. Continue doing what you are doing. Don't answer his messages until you feel ready. Gauge how he is with his answers. Women are good at that. Hope it all works out.


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  • Hit or miss really.

  • I think he does feel sorry and it's the only way for him to get back to you. I think it's both an excuse to speak to you and he's sorry. I think you should (if you could) get back with him.


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