Is it time for me to walk away? and never look back?

there is this guy I have been in love with for years but we have just been friends! we used to mess around all the time, all of our friends considered us an "unofficial couple"! during this time neither of us messed around wit anyone else this was for about 2 years! then he slept wit my best friend and things were never the same we fell apart, I was hurt! I warns mad tho I know I'm sure it doesn't make much sense! we had a big fight and stopped talking for a few months but then we made up and he moved in with me but had began dating another girl! he cheated on her with me and then I ended up kicking him out I couldn't take looking at him knowing he was with her! now we are hanging out again we always seem or keep running back to each other the other night we were in my car and he gently grabbed my face and kissed me! he has never kissed me like that before it was different this time! am I stupid for keeping on going back to him! does the way he kissed me mean anything! I'm freaking out and I don't know what to do I don't wanna hurt myself but I love him! what should I do?!?!


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  • I'll keep it short and simple. Your best friend isn't your friend if she slept with him. And if he cheats on his girlfriends with you then he's going to cheat on you as well. If you want to keep going down this path, that's entirely up to you. But I'm just going to point out those facts for you.


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