He left me for someone else. Was I just his rebound? Why is it okay to treat people like this?

Brian and I have been dating for about 13 months and he broke up with me last month. He was fresh out of a divorce when we met. I'm not sure why he got divorced but they didn't have any children together and his ex-wife already moved on with someone else when we met. We got along really well that I told him to come live with me and we've been living together up until last month. he told me he needed some space to figure out what he wnated and he was going to move out and live with a friend he said he never got a chance to figure his life out after his divorce and jumped into a relationship quickly with me. I was heartbroken that he wanted a break but I was pretty sure our love was strong and he would come back to me so I let him go. two weeks ago I asked him if we can meet up and talk and we did talk and he said he needs to move on on his own without me and he's sorry about everything.

the whole time we were together he never seemed excited about me or anything. now all of a sudden he's dating someone else and he's updating his profile picture everyday of him and this new girl. he seems so excited about her and he looks so happy in his photos. he never ever posted any photos of him and i together. i always posted so many photos of us almost everyday and he never liked them he never said anything nice about them and he never reposted them. now with this new girl he seems all excited about her.

was i nothing but a rebound to him? I feel so hurt and confused. Maybe it was my fault and I shuldnt have rushed into a relationship with a man who was recently divorced? I'm so hurt I want to call him and yell at him but I don't know what to do.

What should I do? What would you do?


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  • this is the peril of dating someone who is rebounding. I would almost always recommend staying away from it as people fresh out of relationship are often not quite ready to date.

    Why is it okay to treat people like this?
    why is it ok to commit genocide, or sexually assault children, or pollute our environment... we are humans capable of free will so are allowed to really behave as we want, although some actions have their consequences


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  • You SHOULD MOVE ON. It amazes me how women won't sleep around but they will sleep with men who are either married or recently divorced.

    • well I thought he was over his ex-wife seeing how she moved on he had no choice but to move on and it seemed like he did love me despite him not being too excited about anything but I see now it was a mistake

    • I think women just like drama. @asker At your age you should know better.

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  • On youtube, look up "7 signs you are a rebound" by askchazzellis
    and he made another video on tips if you want to reconnect.

    And look up for coach corey wayne's videos. He's awesome

    • thanks I will watch them

    • I've seen his videos, do you think his techniques work in real life?, I know its geared more towards men, but I know it can work both ways?

  • It seems like maybe he jumped into something too soon. But it also shouldn't have taken him 13 months to figure that out. I think that maybe he just wants to have options. He was married and then in a year long relationship so maybe he feels he needs to be single for a while. I'm sorry you got hurt in the process.


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