After time and space... he wants to see me only once a week?

Hey guys so here is where I am at this point.

My "ex" boyfriend with whom I have been for a year, asked for time/space 2 weeks ago for no precise reason. I went on the no contact or rather limited responses method AND no initiate contact.
I got all sorts of texts from: "hey , how was the party last night?" to "I think about you constantly".
I did not respond to all, and only one call answer where I agreed to meet him.

And this is the thing:
We met, talk a little about the past but I tried to keep it to a minimum as I did not want to pressure him.
And finally I noticed he had been suffering from the break and he told me he had not expected it to be that way/hard for him. (since I did NC).

and he told me he still wants to see me once a week, and wants us to see each other tomorrow. He says he needs time to handle his shit (work and also moving in his new aprtment) and he said that then he will be able to be 100% present in a long term relationship.. is it bullshit talk?

I just said ok once a week. BUT I don't want to end up on the friend zone or sex friend.
So how can I avoid the friend/ sex zone and get him to want to be together more than once a week? I'm planning on no sex on those dates? good or bad. I don't want to make things easy for him, its just not fair.

BTW: I'm planning on dating other guys, one guy quite cute asked me out. I don't think I should be waiting for by boyfriend to change attitude soon, so why not have fun. I thought about going along for a month but after that if there is no change to move on definitely.


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  • Don't wait on him, go on that date with the other guy.


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  • If women want to avoid the "fuck zone" then they must appeal to the man's desires. What does he want?

    • What do you mean? you're asking if he wants sex? I don't know yet. We just spent a night together, 1 st time since the break and cuddled. plus a had my period so. But I would have done nothing anyway.

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  • I agree, don't wait on him. Relationships are flexible. Just because he has school and is moving doesn't mean he can't get back with you. He needs to make time. I know when I was at my busiest I still had time for people who I cared about. I may not have had as much time as I wanted to, but I would always make time.

    It sounds like this guy is just throwing a bunch of excuses at you. He broke up with you and still wants you in his life. Sounds to me like he broke up with you thinking he could find someone else, but then realized how hard it is and now wants you back. You are merely convenient for him.

    If he truly wanted you back, he would make an effort to see you right away, instead of letting you have time to meet with other guys.

    I say go on dates with other guys. Don't go running back to him too quicky and see what he does. If he steps up his game and makes time for you, then maybe consider going back. But if he is going to blow you off, and not make time. Then I would say move on.


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