How do I break-up with a woman i've been dating for a few months?

I've been dating this wonderful woman for about 3 months now, we get along great but the last month or so I've noticed that romantic chemistry isn't really there anymore. I still have a physical attraction to her but, I need more than that to really get serious with someone and no we haven't slept together which is a good thing. I feel like were just good friends at this point. I have never been in a situation like this, and i've never had to call it off with a lady. So any advice on how to go about telling her how i feel would be much appreciated.


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  • Just say you'd rather the two of you just be friends and that you don't feel it's right to take the relationship any further. And be honest with the reasons, it helps women to know the reasons why, because forever wondering where we went wrong can be really stressful, whereas once you know you can deal with it.
    And then ACTUALLY put effort into the friendship. Because this just happened to me "I want us to only be friends" but then he hasn't contacted or replied to me at all? Like I'm sorry but thats not friends. So ensure you still hang out and make time for her if you truly want to keep the friendship.

    • Thanks for this, She's outta town for the week. So I feel I should wait til she gets back and ask her out to talk about it.

    • yeah :)

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  • Just be honest and tell her

  • Talk to her and speak from your heart. And exit gracefully


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