How should I make contact with her?

My ex girlfriend is missing me pretty bad we split up a month ago had no contact for 3 weeks ago and started speaking, more like she was angry and still shouting so I left her alone.

The next day after I refused to join her in her the argument as she was just venting, she text me her new mobile number. Of which I text back to say cool, how you doing? no text back

So its been week that I have left her alone, and she has told a mutual friend she really misses me her words were " doesn't he know how much I really care".

So I still love her, so what the best way to make contact to CALL or TEXT? if I call how long should I stay on the phone? and its a call or text what do I say to her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • call the girl! but why is she still arguing, maybe she thinks she was right about something and is only punishing you . The next time clearly let her say why she is upset. if she is just the fussy type but you love her, you have to live with the fact that you may sometimes have to sell your rights for peace.


What Guys Said 1

  • You to need to call her the sooner the better. Text msg is not a good idea. If you still care about her you should let her know with words and actions. Tell her what you like about her and what you don't. Discuss how two of you can work things out because you guys really cares about each other. Good luck.

    • Yeah thanks for the advice, I'm taking this on board!

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