If an Ex doesn't delete you from their social media accounts, is there a chance to get back together?

You can unfollow them, block them, unfriend them and whatsoever.
But what if they don't and keep you there?


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  • I think if you two are on good terms then there is always a chance of a reconcilliation. However, it really depends on whether both parties want to get back together.

    I know I would never want to get with my ex again. He treated me like crap.


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  • Honestly, I don't delete anyone on social media. I wouldn't read it as an invitation to get back together but rather that things between the two of you were not so terrible that he feels like he wants to never see you again. In my opinion, depending on how and why the relationship ended, there is nothing wrong with staying friends with your ex. Especially if you were good friends prior to dating and breaking up. That would be a good place to start: establishing friendship. And if things were that bed, learning how to be civil.

    • It had been going well and there was mutual interest and liking, to say the least.

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  • Doesn't mean anything really. My ex is still on my Facebook. I didn't delete her nor me. I'm in the process of trying to get her back. So having her there kind of helps me. She is seeing what I'm doing and I can do the same. I'm using it as a tool to show her that I'm doing good and I'm over the breakup and maybe throw a bit of jealousy in there as well saying I'm out on dates, gone to the movies etc. I'm just starting to look in contact with her so it's looking positive so far.

  • I would say so

    • I mean, if they wanted nothing to do with you anymore, they could just block you. I would do this if I wanted nothing to do with someone anymore

    • they would erase you so yes you are correct

    • maybe she just needs time for herself to reconsider things and to calm down. Maybe she will come back, I hope so

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