Does my ex want me to be clingy over her?

My ex broke up with me awhile ago 2-3 weeks.. and I've fucked up a lot.. I've been clingy and stuff... but for some reason she keeps wanting to be my friend... Monday she texted me how we shouldn't talk much, only occasionally.. and she needs space.. then yesterday.. she texted me a DAY later.. how she felt comfortable to talk to me, blah blah blah and this is how she wants our friendship to be... like is this her way of getting me back into wanting to be clingy? like if I'm clingy will that help her get over me faster? It's confusing.. because she waited not even 24 hours to text me AGAIN.. saying the same thing she said the day before... Do you think she really wants to be my friend? still has feelings left? still wants me under her control? or what? It's so confusing


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  • What is it that you want? To be in a relationship or not? State your purpose then leave it up to her.

    • i dont think she wants a relationship

    • Then tell her you're not wanting to be her male girlfriend and walk away. Tell her also that if she changes her mind to give you a call. You've got to mean it though. Don't contact her again and if she reaches out about talking shit like she does to her girly friends. Just ignore it.

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