What to do, my EX is flying to my city and I don't feel like meeting her?

I've met my EX during my backpacking trip. I had to fly back home so I broke up with her. I made it clear that we were done. Im the type of person who has to isolate himself from his EXes in order to get over and move on. I dont have a girlfriend at the time but I'm hanging out with few girls.
For the past 3 months I've been ignoring all her texts and phone calls. Yesterday I got a text from her - "next weekend I'm coming to your city". I'm shocked. I'm in WTF mode lol!
I dont want to be a total a$shole but I also dont really want to talk/see her. I almost got over her.

Guys and girls what should I do?


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  • Text her back Quickly and tell her You are going to be OUT OF TOWN and if she Does decide to Come, she will be Entertaining Herself... Alone with her phone.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks. I was thinking of doing that. Im still a bit shocked. This situation has never happened to me before. Is this a typical behavior of a romantic girl who is in love or is she is just plain clingy and crazy? lol

    • Oh, so welcome and I Feel BOTH Plus... Desperate to win You and your old relationship Back, even if she has to act like a wack. lolxxoo

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  • You shouldn't meet with her at all, that should make it really clear to her that the two of you are done.

    The only possible reason I can think of to respond to any of her texts or phone calls is if she knows your address in the city and might show up at your door. If she does, then send a text that clearly states that you aren't going to meet with her, that she should not seek you out while she is there and that she needs to stop trying to contact you.

    No need to lie or make up some story why you can't meet. That will just make her think that you would have met her if her timing had been better. Handle this like a man, she's your ex, treat her like one.


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  • Don't meet up. You owe her nothing.

    • Yea I agree. While I do owe her nothing and don't want to meet her I thought it would be a human thing to do to meet her. Im just trying to picture myself in her place. Would you ever do that for a guy?

    • Do what? Meet him if he flew over, or fly over to where he is?
      I don't know why you think it would be the "human" thing to do since again, you owe her nothing and she didn't even directly ask to see you, she only told you that she's coming to your city. You made it clear you were done. If you meet her you'll only give her false hope.

  • Then, don't visit her.

    You don't have to. :)


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  • You made it clear. So unless she catches you walking out the door just ignore her.

    • Man she is flying across the world to my city...
      I never told her its OK to visit me. I do want to ignore her but i'm feeling thats so cruel.

  • Don't meet with her. Don't be a bitch. Seriously?

    • Thanks man. This has caught me off guard. I'm a bit shocked.

  • She is an ex for a reason. Just don't meet up.

    • I would definitely not meet her if we lived in the same city or even in the same country. She is a Brazilian girl who lives in Europe, while I live in Canada. Thats just so clingy. I dont know the purpose of her trip...