Does this mean, she really wants nothing to do with me?

Since a breakup.. My mind hasn't really been in a good state of mind.. since I've been overthinking and analyzing everything.. So sorry if this is a stupid question... my ex broke up with me a few weeks ago.. we've talked way too much since the breakup... so the other day my ex said she thinks we should only talk every once in awhile then I didn't text her the whole day yesterday and she texted me randomly saying this is how i want our convos to go for now until we get comfortable.. so we talked a little yesterday... then I think I pursued her too much today.. so when I asked how much should we talk she said "every once in awhile to see how each other is doing" That sounds so vague too me.. Do you think she's testing me? to see how I react? or do you think she kind of wants to take the friendship/things slow and doesn't want to rush things? or does she just not want to talk to me? Some people have said she sounds confused/misses me.. other people said she doesn't want to talk... but the fact that she's still trying to be friends seems strange to me.. it's like she still wants to talk once in awhile.. and I notice she talks A LOT more when I let her come to me... Do you think she is confused?


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  • Yes. That's exactly what it means


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