Why break what's already broken?

Why can't people just leave their exes alone? Especially when they are the dumpers. You obviously know that the dumpee is heartbroken, why keep going back and telling them how much you care? You're just breaking what's broken into tinier pieces...JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!


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  • May be he is just dumb.

    Tell him that you two can be together only if you both get married and you move with him, otherwise, you will have to move on.


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  • Why did you two break up?

    • Because he's moving to another state for a job...he tells me how much he regrets it and how he missed me as his girlfriend and his friend and that being with me scares him because he could actually see himself spending the rest of his life with me.....if he isn't gonna do what it takes to be with me then why can't he just leave me alone?

    • I knew it was something like that. Basically you can break up with someone but still love them. I've broken up with someone that I loved and did so because I couldn't stand watching her tear herself apart with her alcoholism. If you really don't want him to contact you anymore, let him know and he should respect that. Although the line about him being scared sounds bogus to me. Actions speak louder than words and at the end of the day he's in another state and not with you.

  • vent, girl, vent.

    i totally feel you.


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