The sooner I wipe him off everything the better... right?

My ex and I broke up about 3 months ago. We had been in a relationship for almost 2 years. For whatever reason neither of us have deleted the photos of us as a couple on our social media websites. The only reason I haven't taken them down is because I think the photos are adorable tbh! Even though I'm over him I can't help but want to keep the pictures up for the memories. I've already returned all his love letters and such. They're probably in the trash right now seeing as how he was crying when I handed them to him... Anywho does having pics of him on my accounts hinder my chances of moving on for good?


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  • That just seems kind of weird to me. I never keep pictures of my exes in anyway shape or form. You Say you are over him, but then you ask if keeping pictures of him will hinder you from moving on. I'm thinking you might be over him, but you are not over losing a relationship. By my view, hanging on to things from the past means you are not moving on, the question is whether that is good or bad.


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