Why would my ex ignore me?

My ex called it quits a couple days ago. I know the exact reason why it ended. There was no cheating involved. I didn't make the decision to break up, we still have a major tie a car involved that was just bought. If you want to be done then be done. At first I was really hurt I'm better now, but why ignore if you decided to call it quits and thought it through that the relationship was over and also said that wasn't going back to me? Like we have other things involved I no longer talk about my feelings just obligations that were supposed to be filled. So why ignore me? My ex should be good right? Still loves me because I was told.

I do want my ex back but I'm not going to appear like a crazy person act needy or desperate. I don't know why act like that when my ex made the decision and obligations need to get done. If you are going to be done with me then be done completely. Right?
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  • There are some big information gaps in your story that make it really hard to give a good answer to your question, so I'll just post them here and maybe you can elaborate.

    1. You say, "I know the exact reason why it ended." but then you don't elaborate on the reason why. We know it isn't cheating but that still leaves universe of possibilities that could possibly help us understand your ex's behavior.

    2. So this car. I'm guessing you two bought it together but you don't give us any details about the financial arrangement. Is there a loan? Who's name is on it? Who is making the payments? Who's name is on the title? Who actually has the vehicle at this time? Just more detail about this arrangement would be helpful.

    3. You go on to say "Like we have other things involved I no longer talk about my feelings just obligations that were supposed to be filled." What are these other obligations? Do they involve other things beyond the car? Details!

    Perhaps with this information we can start to get a clearer picture of what is going on and give you some better answers.

    • The car is in my name. I make the payments, it ended because of procrastination my ex felt lied to and things prolonged when something needed to get done. I've pleaded my case, didn't want to break up. I figured it wouldn't be good to continue talking about my feelings. Help was needed on some things currently so therefore I was trying to finish out things as discussed. I wouldn't contact my ex if said leave me alone my ex is very vocal and very straightforward

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    • Also, I decided to go with the Other option on the poll.

      I don't think he is angry, I think he is just out of patience and gave up so that he can find someone else who he can make the life he wants with. I don't think you stand any chance of convincing him to give you another chance, you likely used them all up by procrastinating.

    • And even with procrastination it things still got done, I still followed through despite taking a while. I actually received a phone call today wasn't about much but was still contacted. I see this way when you are done with someone be done completely not partially

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  • That's what you do after a breakup. You stop all contact... I find his behavior normal. Yours... not so much...

    • I initially tried to convince otherwise after I thought about it, it doesn't do any good to act needy and send lots of messages. Like yesterday there was back and forth messaging. I received a message early this morning and that was it.

    • Why wouldn't my behavior be considered as normal?


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  • Bruh you're an ex for a reason; and it ain't because he likes you anymore.


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