Imagining him flirting w/other women maybe even having sex?

I just broke it off w/my ex. He was my 1st serious relationship where I really fell for him and cared for him, I am not his 1st relationship. His actions the last couple of months has shown me that he never cared about me or was willing to put the effort in to take our relationship to the next level. I have only spoken to him once since the break up (over the phone) and I haven't seen him since, he told me how mjuch he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life w/me. It hurts me to think about him flirting w/other women or already even having sex w/someone, I thought he would be all mine (silly I know). How can I cope? I am trying to distract myself and I am doing my usual activites to continue. Anyone else feel/or has felt this way after a break up?


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  • Don't do your usual activities. Do something new and meet new people


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