Can subsequent breakups be harder than the first serious one?

OK, I understand the first serious breakup will hard no matter what because it is a first taste of real heartbreak.

But can other breakups be just as impacting? Can other past lovers be missed and remembered more than the first?

Does this mean you only have one shot to give a girl such intense feelings and if you miss that shot it is game over?
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  • They're usually easier than the first breakup, but there are cases where the subsequent breakups are worse.

    Like for example if your breakup with your first serious girlfriend was because she moved to another country and you were unable to go with her, and your breakup with your second serious girlfriend was because she cheated on you, then unless you never loved your second girlfriend, the second breakup is very likely going to hurt a lot worse than the first.

    • But is it hard to beat the first love when it comes to intensity? Is it like if you miss that chance she can never feel the same with someone else?

    • You did not answer my question

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