Is its bad idea to call or text my ex again to say hi, or should I delete his number permanently from my phone?

We broke up over 2 years ago. It was not a serious relationship. He has a girlfriend now they have been together for a while
I have an iPhone so although I deleted his number his number is still in my recents list unless I delete it


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  • It's not a bad idea if you stayed in contact ever since. If you became friends afterwards chances are you will still go separate ways eventually but it might take a while longer. If you are talking about calling him out of the blue after 2 years of silence then yes, that is a very bad idea.

    • Yea we were friends before we had a relationship

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    • I decided not to contact him

    • I permanently deleted his number

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  • Delete it permanently so you aren't tempted to call.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Dear it's a great idea
    You can delete all text message number also
    Because really he was not a true lover
    I hate him and I hate to all cheater people

    I like only true person

    • I don't understand

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    • No I'm not searching for love right now if that is what you are asking

    • Why not

      You should search you true life partner
      Because a true person give you happiness

      But remember now search only true person who give you respect and live with you faithful

      Do you agree to my thinking? ?

What Girls Said 2

  • Move on, he is with someone else and you should respect that :)

    • I deleted his number permanently

  • He's moved on. Don't be the pathetic ex that can't let go.

    • I don't want him

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    • It's a question calm the fuck down

    • You are a coward for trolling anonymous and making antagonistic comments. Good thing I'm able to block anon trolls like you

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