Was there ever a point where you just gave up hope on getting an ex back?

I've been wanting my ex back since the breakup.. which happened like 3-4 weeks ago... we talked today.. and she was like "I don't want to deal with hypotheticals/possibilities of getting back together because that's not how I feel at the present time and I don't want to think of a chance of me changing my mind in the future" Honestly.. now.. I'm just like f it.. we aren't gonna ever get together again and 99.9 percent she's over me and has no feelings.. so I don't even care anymore.. I literally just gave up 100 percent hope of us getting back together... if we ever do.. it will be a complete shock.. I know you shouldn't always trust people when they say "my mind won't ever change" because people change their minds day to day week to week month to month year to year.. but at this point.. I don't want to hurt myself over thinking about what ifs.. so it's better if I just have it cemented in my head we won't ever get back together and not care anymore..


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  • Yeah. Was in a relationship for 5 years, we still love eachother and all. We broke up, went separate ways, stopped talking for months. It was like we never stopped talking... once we started back but I got tired of him, sometimes stuff is just worn out and can't be fixed.

    • I just feel like my ex is being stubborn.. she's 18 and I was her best boyfriend from her words.. and she never went back to an ex before.. so she's always like "there's no chance" even in the future she was saying there's no chance... we broke up for a petty reason too.. i know it could be fixed.. but I'm not going to try to say it when she doesn't see it.. it just sucks.. cause I know we could be GREAT together.. imean i know people change their minds.. but I'm not holding out hope anymore... it's at the point where i have to worry about me

    • You just got to let a woman be set in her ways. Don't chase it, she's going to fight it with all she's got if you do. Just worry about you man, you got the right idea.

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  • Eventually yes. It's only been 3-4 weeks and that's no time at all for things like this to heal.

    Look, you never forget people in your life, especially important people. I still fondly remember girls I dated over 40 years ago. I fondly remember my parents who passed away. I fondly remember friends.

    You just don't forget people. But you do move on. It just takes time. You have room in your heart for many people in your life. Sometimes you just need some time before you open the door for someone else. There will be others, but you'll never forget those who came before.

    • That's true.. so do you think my ex means it when she says "i dont want to think about chances i may change my mind" or do you think since it's only been a month.. she doesn't even know what she wants yet? everyone keeps telling me.. If I don't talk to her much.. she could always come back.. because people change their mind fast

    • You have to assume she means what she says. Getting back with you is something she just doesn't want to think about. Whatever caused you to break up is still too strong with her.

      "i dont want to think about chances i may change my mind"

      Have you had that running through your head over and over? Are you reading between the lines and seeing whatever you can to give you hope? Yes, I see the loophole in that statement. Don't do that to yourself man. Don't cling to false hopes.

      Let her spread her wings and fly. And you do the same. You can't cling to some tiny chance. It's over. Have a cry. Have several cries. But don't cling to false hopes. Take a deep breath. Hold your head up. Let time perform it's miracle and heal. It WILL heal.

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  • I broke up recently and I wanted him back prob the next few days, thinking I could maybe give the relationship another go in maybe a month or so. I then analyzed why I actually broke up w/him and discovered I don't want him back because he was never the man I really wanted him to be (turned out to be very egotistical). Your ex is an ex for a reason, don't even try to patch it up. Your heart needs to heal first, then see if you really want her back, after you heal and get over her you prob won't want her back.


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  • I always just walk away, I don't keep in contact afterwards, but I tell them if they change their mind let me know.
    So I assume it's always a possibility in the future, I just move on with life


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