What makes me different?

My ex said she usually cuts ex's off or the one ex she is friends with. they talk every few weeks just to say hi.. but with me.. she sees us actually having a chance of being close/talking more... I don't know if this means she still has feelings for me, she wants to be great friends or being friends is her way of seeing how I handle things (the relationship ended with me being needy, clingy) maybe she wants to see if my ways change? and it's more safe as a friendship? What do you guys think?


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  • Looks like she thinks there is still a chance of the two of you getting back together in the future, and make things work.

    • So I need to play things cool right now.. basically only talk when she talks... don't bring up the relationship or possibility of getting back together... just talk regular

    • Not exactly. You too can initiate talks sometimes, and work towards getting together again (if that is what you want). Be subtle about it though, so that she doesn't get the feeling that you want a relationship more than she does.

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