Why is he still looking at my profile?

He is the dumper, it's been going on for nearly 3 years now on different sites at first social media or a football forum, this time it's not social media so can't block him, he has gone through many girlfriends ( he used to boast to me while I was in love with him) and still looks at my profile on this site? I've not bothered with his- who cares what he has got up to. My picture is the same so he knows it's me. He has tried to message me a few times before but I know his cruel nature so basically told I didn't wish to pursue a conversation with him then I blocked him, he makes a new profile up. He bad mouthed me to everyone calling me a stalker after he dumped me ow he's doing exactly what he accused me of doing? I'm not removing my profile from the site, I'm a single woman looking for my dream man, , in fact I even edited my profile so he doesn't even become a blip on the radar, Is there a book out there that understands the behaviour of psychopaths?
I don't understand why he doesn't edit his so I don't show up on his either, then we don't ever need to cross paths online, he's just so weird. It's not enough to get an injunction that would make him worse. It's just so weird and creepy that's why asked this question, what is going on in his head?


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  • he is probably just keeping tabs on you, it isn't uncommon.


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