Books to get your ex back?

So I have seen a few books out thier about ways to try to get your ex back. All of them say NC for x days and improve your self then. When NC is up you would contact them. You would try ot build up again and work your way to get an in person meeting. I was thinking of tying it, what more can it hurt am I right? What are everyones thoughts on stuff like that on the web?


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  • Maybe you should concentrate all that effort into getting over them and meeting one of the millions of other females out there who would be a good match and not pursue one which has already proved to be problematical and, I assume, rejected you.

    • We dated for a year and a half. She broke up with me because of the distance of our LDR only three hours. The only problems we had were the distance and mostly me sharing my emotions and problems with her. I never really did that and don't do it with anyone.

    • Why didn't you want to share with her? The problem is, she figured that you aren't the person for her. She obviously needs someone who wants to share, wants her to share. Some things just can t be forced.

    • I don't share anything with any one period. The only people I share stuff with would be my mother and my ex well did share till now. But even then Im a very closed off person. Im sure you say I love you to your parents, I don't have never said it to them. I had an event in my life that made me grow up real fast and have to take care of my self and my brother. I think that is the real reason why I'm so closed and don't share. Look I'm opening up to a complete stranger but

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  • I've been using them. They do help things. Might be to change into someone else now. You can't hold onto the past its time to grow. My 3 favourites are Coach Corey Wayne he is a lifestyle coach and helps you become the man you should be. Brad Browning and Michael Fiore. Both of these deal with getting an ex back Brad gives you strategy in how to do it and Michael gives you text formulas in getting an ex back. Take a look at them. Good luck.


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  • It works... doing it right now...


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