Why did he just disappear?

I have not spoken to or seen my friends with benefits in 4 days. That’s a while compared to we talk or see each other almost everyday. The last time I talked to him he called me at 1 in the morning asking for a ride home because he ran out of gas. After that he asked me to stay. We hung out at his place for a bit (we could not have sex because im on my period) but he was acting weird like he had been drinking. He told me he has wet dreams about me and that he wanted to try new things like other women. I said like a 3 some. He said yes. I said Im not into girls. He said Yet.

Then he got mad at me for hogging the blanket and snatched it from me.(like he's been drinking) and said Im not playing with you. I gave him the blanket and started watching videos on my phone he looked at me and said “Am I interrupting something?” I said no He looked at me and said you good?” I got up and headed for the door I was over this. He turns and says you not gonna give me a hug and a kiss. I look at him like are you serious.

I saw him at work the next day he came in to shop. He said I have your money that I owe you. I said ok and I have not talked to him since.

Why did he just disappear?


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  • He must have gotten busy.


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