How did I end up in a FWB?

I don’t know what happened. There this new guy at work he’s been ere a week. I think he’s cute and thinks I’m cute and he heard IM single. So he comes up to me and gives me his number. We text for a few weeks until one night he calls me its 12 am I just got off work I work the night shift everyday. He invites me over. Now at this point I already know whats about to happen. If a guy is inviting a girl over to his place at 12am its not to watch a movie. I think about it and I go to his house. We have sex and I THOUGHT that was the end of it and I would have been ok with that.

The next day he texts me and we talk all day he invites me over again we have sex. This goes on for 3 weeks. During the process he makes it clear that “YOUR NOT MY GF” He tells me this often. He brought me around his friends or when ever he's in a bind he calls me. He has moments where he's acts like a boyfriend. Where he will cook my diner and breakfast or open doors or beg me to spend the night. Some night we never had sex just cuddle.

Now its been 3 days and we have not spoken to each other. He has not called/texted me nor have I. I just don’t know how I ended up here. How did I end up in a friends with benefits. It just happened.


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  • You ended up like this by spreading your legs everytime he called. You can end it just as easy as saying a few words.


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  • How? You put out without discussing what your relationship would be like.
    That's how.

    Don't worry girlie, it happens to the best of us.
    As soon as they have a taste they don't want the whole enchilada.
    We're good enough to fuck, but not girlfriend material, oh no


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  • Just remember, you let it happen.


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