Ex boyfriend text me out the blue, was he just leading me on?

My ex texted me completely out of the blue Sunday "I miss you"... the breakup happened in January a few months after his dad sadly passed away. This entire time, it's been difficult to move on purely because he has never given me a real reason!
Anyway, I obviously replied (purely because i'm a sucker and still love him) and eventually met up with him that day.
We had a brief meeting, but it was amazing, we had such a laugh, flirted and just caught up BUT he did advise me that he's not right in the head and is no longer eating, basically slowly destroying himself! So naturally, my brain is obviously thinking "Woohoo, this might be promising"... previously, if we've spoken or met up, he's instantly ignored me... until I vanish off the face of the earth and he comes back, but this time it felt more genuine.
The conversation carried on after the meet up and we finally became friends on Facebook after so long, but since then, he's acting like he's no longer interested in talking, back on the dating websites (After telling me he's lost interest) ALL the time and after me reaching out to him after an upsetting family emergency the interest in actually being there appears to be non-existant and the want to read any of my messages is no longer important to him.

Call me stupid, but I've been lead down the garden path right? Attention seeking?

I've wanted more than anything to move on and get over him, but he's just constantly fucking with my head when I eventually move on!


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  • It seems that you have a lot of passion toward your ex which make the move on difficult to you
    so if you want to move on then change the way you live your life
    sometimes healing from break up could take a long time or short , it's depends on a person and the way you look to (yourself) in life
    you don't wanna live in 2015-2016 body with 2000-2005 thoughts
    who are you? and what do you want from (you)?

    I remember when I broke up with my ex , it was difficult to forget . but she make me discover myself more and more
    I discovered that I have a great family and good friends and had became more social + self-esteem + happy
    and I asked myself (why didn't I do this sooner)
    I felt I was buried under (unsuccessful relationship) which made me back to (me)
    I know ( Boring story).

    but what I'm trying to saying sometimes life closes doors because it’s time to move forward

    wish you spend a happy time with a happy thoughts in your new life
    Good luck...

  • Possibly, don't take it into too much thought.


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