How to stop thinking about your ex?

So basically I had been dating this guy for about 2 months but I ended it last week because I felt he wasn't making much effort in the relationship. He was a great guy but he wasn't great at communication, when I'm dating someone I like to hear from them a bit more! I just didn't know where I stood with him cos he would give me so much attention when spending time together but during the week I wouldn't hear from him much. And he stopped arranging to meet up and It just didn't feel right and i didn't want to ignore how i felt. So I told him last week that I think it's best to be friends cos I'm not used to all this distance and I don't know where I stand! However now I can't stop thinking that I made the wrong decision and I do miss him! How can I stop thinking about him and move on?


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  • seems to me your ex is a shy man and I understood that's you wanna a real man that make an emotional connection and manages the relationship
    no one perfect in this world
    but do you still care about him?

    • He didn't appear shy when we were spending time together as he was quite affectionate in person towards me! But he wouldn't text me as much cos he was busy all the time and it made me feel that he didn't like me as much as I thought! And I felt like this for a couple of weeks and nothing had improved! I don't want to waste my time if he wouldn't make the effort! Yes I do still care about him and I miss being with him!

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    • It seems that your relationship has not yet begun. I felt that the relationship from one side only (your) . I suggest to move on and you don't have to change people thoughts to show their interest . who loves and care about 'll always be there for you . move on and chose the life that you want to live

      Good luck.

    • Ok thank you!

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