Why does he want to be friends?

I casually dated a guy for 3 months, and he broke things off with me and "wanted to be friends". I had caught some feelings and was naturally pretty upset by this and told him that I needed space for a while. Not even a week later he texts me and tells me things like I'm adorable and is even trying to hang out again. In my past experience lets be friends was a cop out for an easy let down, but this guy is actually following through? Should I find this strange?


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  • No is normal. He wanted to break and it backfired on him! You're good! Without knowing it, my asking for space and time for yourself, you actually took control of the situation !

    Now he is once again interested in you, and migh want to be more the friends.

    The next step for you, is not to initiate contact and if he reaches out to limit your number replies. I replied to 1/3 messages or phone calls. Your texts must be short and without emotions. If he sends stupid useless texts such as "i miss you" "your're adorable " I'm thinking of you"... let it slide, you'll answer the next...

    Let him wonder what you're doing. This way he'll see you are a strong independent woman.

    Go look up coach corey wayne on youtube, he helped me a lot !


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  • it sounds like he's playing mind games. I'd run, wouldn't even waste time attempting to be just friends. block him from EVERYTHING. save yourself the unnecessary grief

  • I would find it strange, and of be unsure if I'd move forward. He'll have to prove he liked me more than friends. I don't know, if you like him give him a chance see what happens


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