Why is my ex so wishy washy?

My ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago/almost 4 weeks ago... for the first couple of weeks, we basically talked every day at least once.. and even talked on the phone some of the days.. from the start she said she wanted to be friends.. but then as recently as yesterday.. she said she wants to be friends hopefully close friends... but my thing is.. ever since like last Wednesday.. conversations with her is so I don't know.. when we talk it's still a GREAT connection.. but I notice either we talk a good amount one day.. barely talk the next day.. Do you think she genuinely wants to be friends (even if it's hard now, but geniunely wants to in the future) do you think she still has feelings for me/doesn't know how to handle her feelings? do you think she's hoping that I fix the flaws that led to the breakup (needy/clingy) in potentially giving me another chance? some days it's like she wants to be best friends.. other days she says how she isn't use to being friends with her ex's so she wants to take time... it's SO hard to read her.. I think she wants me in her life.. but I don't know maybe when we talk feelings come back? I don't know
Any opinions on this?


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  • What do you want? to be friends really?
    In any case getting hr back or being friends you must take a period of no contact. Have you heard about it? It helped me a lot.
    You need this because clearly, you guys talking is not helping her think things through and the risk is she end up backing away definitely.

    Go look up coach corey wayne on youtube - he has the best advice ever, it worked for me and for I wanted.


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