Have you ever actually got a ex back, that broke up with you? if so, did they promise you another chance? or did it just happen?

From experiences of myself and seeing others.. I don't think anyone I know who has actually gotten back with an ex who broke up with them. . Ever had that ex PROMISE them another chance or talk about the possibility of getting back together in the future.. Most of the time it's really random... I could be wrong. but even if an ex really likes you.. I don't think they would promise you another chance.. if anything they'll tell you to move on.. Do you think they just don't want you to start getting thoughts in your head?


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  • Yes I got my man back recently - he said he needed time/space but I think it was his way of breaking definitely. But when I gave no contact, he started suffering from the break up and missing me.

    We did no talk about another chance as in his mind it's as if we were always together but for me, I consider this a new start, we are taking it slow and still today I never call nor text him, only reply when he initiates something.

    And now I got back up/dates. Who knows when he will panic and take space/time again...

    • I hope this happens to me... ex girlfriend broke up with me about 3 weeks ago.. So I think it's still too early to even think about getting back together.. we were pretty good with each other.. but I started becoming too clingy/needy.. so I feel that was the main reason she broke up with me... She told me.. that she couldn't see us being together in the future.. but then again. since the breakup.. I've still been kind of clingy/needy.. so I think she means she couldn't see herself being with THIS version of me again.. but if I give her space.. I think it could still be hopeful... I think she's confused.. because she wants to be friends but she's not use to being friends with ex's so it's new to her.. but my thing is.. even if it's friends that talk once in awhile or friends that talk every day.. why would she make an exception for me? she usually never talks to other ex's again.. Do you think she's testing me to see if I change?

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    • @Franco610 No be it tomorrow or in 2 months, she is the one who needs to make the first steps.
      It's hard for you, but you have to stick to that.

    • That's true.. I'm just worried, we might never talk again.. and I don't want that to be the case.. I mean we have so much in common.. even if it's not good for a relationship.. it can be good for a friendship... but she even said she's not use to being friends with ex's so she needs time to adjust.. so im guessing she was asking for space right there... i know it sounds bad i just dont want to lose her as a friend.. she could be a great friend.. i wonder if I would have started no contact from the start.. if i would be in a much better situation right now

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  • I got back together with an ex who broke it off with me, but i wasn't trying to get him back and i hadn't asked him for another chance, it was the other way around. I'm not sure I fully understand your question.

  • I've gotten them back but it's never worth it. However, they always come running back with time and want to be "friends" - fuck off.

  • Yah I did but then I realized if he really loved me he would have never let me go. Finally broke it off. A month later he got another girl pregnant. So he couldn't have actually loved me. I regret ever getting him back.


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