Guys, what do you do after YOU break up with someone?

Guys what do you do after YOU break up with your girlfriend? say you didn't leave her for someone else.

My ex and I haven't spoken since our beakup over a week ago and I keep wondering if I really meant anything. Were the last 6 months nothing to him? :( I guess he doesn't miss me since he hasn't reached out to me..


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  • It depends on the sort of guy, and how you broke up - my response will be based on the assumption that you broke up with him, or it was a mutual decision.

    If he's a sensitive guy, he would likely reach out to you or at least show you that he missed you somehow. He wouldn't be able to control his feelings of missing you and it would spill out in his behaviour definitely within a month.

    If he's a less emotional guy that really understands women, he would never contact you again and wait to see if you contacted him. Even if he missed you like crazy, he would know that chasing you would not make him seem more attractive.

    I would decide which of these categories he falls into and if it's the second, you might have to contact him. If you did break up with him then that would only be logical anyway.

    If he broke up with you, then the best thing you can do is forget about him and move on. Dating other guys and spending time with friends is the best way to recover from a previous relationship.

    • He initiated the breakup and i agreed to it

    • I think he falls in the second category. He doesn't show much emotion. I probably will have to reach out to him first.

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  • Currently going through a mutual and peaceful break up as we did not want to go LDR.

    I am just living my life... I did not go out and have a rebound, I am not wallowing over it. From time to time I get sad if I think about it, but I just put my head down and work until it is a thing of the past.

  • I split from a 22 year marriage, you just dust yourself off and start again


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